*  Desserts

Ras Malai




Puffy and spongy homemade cheese dumpling in cream sauce



Kheer Badami



Rice pudding flavored with cardamom cooked in sweetened milk with almonds



Gulab Jamun



Spongy dry milk balls of fried dough soaked in sugar syrup and flavored with rosewater








*  Indian Ice Cream




Doaba Kulfi




Exotic Indian Ice Cream garnished with ground pistachios



Mango Bahar



Delicious mango sundae made with vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and fresh mango slice



Saffron Pistachio



Skim milk, almonds, pistachios, cardamom and saffron



Ginger Ice Cream








*  Beverages








A delicious yogurt drink (plain, sweet or salty)




Mango Lassi



A delicious mango yogurt shake



Strawberry Lassi



A delicious strawberry  yogurt shake



Lemonade or Mango Juice  (fresh squeezed)



Soda, Tea, Coffee, Iced Tea or Iced Coffee



Mineral Water



Bottled Water




Masala Tea




Darjeeling tea w/flavorful spices & milk boiled together in water








*  Side Orders





Lightly spiced lentil wafer








Yogurt with shredded cucumbers, carrots and mint.




Plain Yogurt




Mixed Pickle (from India)




Mango Chutney (from India)




Side of Chutney  (Mint or Tamarind or Onion)




Basmati Rice    (India's especially flavorful rice) 

Sm.  $2.95

Lg.  $ 4.50